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Military Wife. Mother of Four. Fitness Junkie. Amateur Gardener. Bookworm. Super Cool Nerd. Cryptogram Lover. Wannabe Avid Gamer. Thesaurus Worshipper. Anime Addict.

Marisa K Wagner

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Look at who came to the front door this morning! #GhostSquirrel #albino #squirrel

I’ve had the songs stuck in my head for a while. Then I saw it at the store! #mychildhood #alvinandthechipmunks

Cleaning out my car today and came across some dead baby mice. #mummies #springcleaning

Count Olaf - I think I love you. <3 #lemonysnicket #CountOlaf

My pathetic bean poles. The kids kept digging for worms so I needed to get the vines out of the dirt. Couldn’t find my cages or trellis so I had to improvise. #sadgarden #organic #gardeningwithkids

Playing in mud
I love to do!
Playing in mud
Is what I do!


#mud #neednewshoes

Which one do you think we’re gonna be using more often, sailor? The coffee or the lard? You think we’re all gonna jump out of bed in the morning and have a big, hot, steaming cup of pig fat?

Well, it depends. If it’s a cold morning, sir, you might go either…

#DownPeriscope #lard

Check out one of the stamps my husband brought home. I really don’t want to use them. I want to save them forever! This one is going on teenager’s WiSTEM application. Very appropriate don’t you think? #HarryPotter #Hermione #smartgirls

It was near 80 this weekend. My husband tried to tell me I needed to transplant my veggies this weekend. Good thing I told him he was mistaken. Three springs in Ohio and I know to wait until after Mother’s Day. #notmyfirstrodeo #crazyweather #Ohio #MerrySpring

Alas! It’s true. I have been told I sing well when I’m drunk. However the ones providing such accolades are usually drunk too. #badsinger #outoftune #offkey #drunkenkaraoke

Checkout #Quilava partying in #Monaco! #Pokemon #GoogleMaps

Words cannot begin to describe how much I’m loving this show. Memories of the Presidential Fitness Test are flooding back! #TheGoldbergs #1980s #1980something

This was in Toys R Us next to Chutes & Ladders and Apples to Apples. ;) #familygamenight

Looking good! Our last hard freeze is usually early May so these babies will be nice and strong by then! I’ll be moving them out to the breezeway soon so they can harden up. :) #organicgarden #garden #gardening