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Military Wife. Mother of Four. Fitness Junkie. Amateur Gardener. Bookworm. Super Cool Nerd. Cryptogram Lover. Wannabe Avid Gamer. Thesaurus Worshipper. Anime Addict.

Marisa K Wagner

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By @notsalmon “A big secret to #happiness #notsalmon #karensalmansohn” via @PhotoRepost_app

Birthday + Unpacking after a PCS means someone is a lucky birthday girl. I guess after dragging these around for 10+ years it is time to let go. #KellyClub

My opinion has not changed. #mickeymouseclubhouse #toodles #DisneyJr

Apparently Penelope has learned to tie knots. 😜

570 miles left….

I’m ready for my road trip. πŸŽΆπŸš—πŸŽΆ #gotg #pcs

I hope this LE comes to America. Lucky Europeans! #Nintendo #3dsxl #supersmashbros

I posted this to my fitness motivation group this morning and I love it so much that I think I’m going to post it again. #YoureAwesome

One of my favorite coffee mugs. πŸ’–

Attempting to make my own bread today. 🍞🍞 Wish me luck! #glutenfree #homemade #freshbread

I need this!!! #snorlax

Mommy! Look at all these beautiful presents I found! Can I open them?

I’m not sure where she found these but she’s been rummaging through old backpacks the past few days. At least she didn’t stick them all over the walls like she does with everything else.

Full Body Blast kicked my booty today. Those slides are no joke. I’m so glad I splurged and got the Deluxe workouts. They are totally worth it! #fitgamer #fitgamermom #piyo #chalenejohnson #noexcuses

Won this in a UFO machine back in Japan about 14 years ago. He has a light sensor on his head. He’s been Pikachu’ing like crazy today. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ #pikachu #pocketmonsters #pokemon #ufomachine

Do you have any idea how much this bugs me? I just want to color it in with a black sharpie. #ocd #chevy #traverse